Professionally Fitted Carpets

At Coldbath Flooring not only will we give you inspiration and accessibility to some of the nicest carpet options you have seen, we will provide a superb fitting service, our fitters are chosen for their knowledge and experience, some of whom have been fitting for over 40 years.
Lots of things need to be taken into consideration when fitting a carpet, how to get it in to the room without marking walls, which type of gripper to use, carpet underlay preparation and type, and stretch fitting techniques which have been passed down over generations. You can be assured of a well fitted carpet by Coldbath Flooring.

A huge range of carpets in many styles and colours

Some carpets wear better than others, most of the time we will recommend a wool or wool mix carpet for your staircase or high traffic area such as the sitting room. Sisal and other natural fibre carpets can also be extremely hard wearing for these areas and are extremely fashionable.
Bedroom carpets can be fitted with the same as other areas for continuity throughout the home or you may opt for a softer, more luxurious feel such as man made fibre carpets, bleach cleanable polypropylene, Polyester or Luxurious Nylon, these types of carpet come in different thicknesses and densities and range from the most budget to high end of carpets.
The colours and styles available vary enormously, textures, stripes, patterns, some things you may have never realised were available. At Coldbath Flooring we will give you the guidance to make the right choice for you home.

Carpet Manufacturers and Brands

Carpets are made all over the World, here in Yorkshire and the South of England but many in Europe and the Middle to Far East. Blends of wool from New Zealand to Scotland so which one is for you.
Crucial Trading, where Inspiration begins, ideas flourish and everything falls into place.
Jacaranda with ethics for the environment creating natural colours with sustainable fibres Alternative Flooring. Designers of carpets, rugs and runners made from the finest wool, sisal, coir, seagrass, jute and faux materials from around the world
Brintons Carpets have a long history of contributing to the worlds’s most stunning & beautiful interiors.
Riviera Carpets create a range of innovative carpet products in distinctive designs, colours and textures.
Cormar Carpet, Penthouse Carpets, Btockway Carpets and ‘Elements of London’.

We have a superb collection of Wool, Artificial and Natural fibre Carpets on show.

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