Natural Plant Fibre Carpets

Sisal carpets in Harrogate

An extremely hard wearing but stunning material used to make Carpets and Rugs, the weaves and textures available give enormous appeal to interiors when used on Staircases and sitting rooms. Chic minimalist interiors or period homes will benefit from Sisal carpets in today’s design conscious interiors. Sourced from South America , the Far East and Southern Tanzania, the Sisal plant is cultivated before being crafted into these amazing floor coverings. Crucial Trading, Alternative Flooring and Fibre are just some of the suppliers of Sisal Carpet available at Coldbath Flooring.

Seagrass Carpets and Rugs

One of the sturdiest materials available, seagrass can withstand all sorts of heavy footfall and chair indentations, often seen in dining areas at Country Inns and ideal for the home where something stylish but rustic is required. The natural oils in Seagrass mean it only comes in its one natural colour as it will not dye easily. Sourced from Vietnamese and Chinese plantations and woven into simple weaves of Herringbone and Basketweave variations.

Coir Rugs and Matting in North Yorkshire

Coir is an ideal option in all areas that receive high traffic as it is very resistant to wear and tear. If comfort is your thing you might choose something else but It can be a really nice alternative to Sisal and Seagrass and can be a superb statement as a rug stood on a stone flagged floor or as entrance matting to an older house with character.

Take a look at our online store or visit our warehouse for our full range of plant fibre carpets.

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