Wool Carpets

Wool Fibre Carpets Which Help Support UK Farmers

Wool carpets can be luxurious, soft and hard wearing, we have lots of options at extremely competitive prices. At Coldbath Flooring we support British wool, most people wouldn’t realise that there are over sixty different breeds of sheep in the uk with more than 40 thousand farmers tending to them – British wool is known around the world for its resilience and hard wearing characteristics and can be blended with other wools from around the world to produce some of the brightest, clean looking and hardwearing carpets available. Discover the benefits of British wool at Coldbath Flooring.

Hard Wearing wool Carpets

Wool fibre carpets have a huge range of benefits: they are extremely comfortable under foot, feeling plush and luxurious. They last longer than other carpets, and when the time does come to replace them, their amino acid structure means they are completely biodegradable. Add to that their resistance to wear and tear, from the way it keeps its soft texture over time and it’s natural insulating qualities, wool is often the number one choice for homeowners.
There’s a reason wool has been used in carpets for centuries, and it remains one of the highest quality options on the market. If you visit our showroom, we can offer expert advice on the suitability of wool carpets for your home.

The amazing natural fibre of wool

Wool carpets provide many features and benefits that man-made carpets could never replicate. Being Fire resistant – ideal for rooms with open fires or log burners. Hard-wearing – Wool has a left and right handed helix at its core, which works likes a spring, meaning it is continuously resisting pressure and less likely to flatten over a time. Easy to care for – collecting dust and dirt which is easy to vacuum and naturally stain resistant if you act quickly to spillages. Hypoallergenic.- Wool contributes to healthier air in the home by helping to absorb pollutants, like VOC’s. If you are affected by allergies carried in dust particles these allergens are also trapped in the outer scales at the top layer of the fibre and then easily vacuumed away.

Come to our showroom or browse online to find your perfect wool carpet.

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