Plank Flooring

Create A Sense Of Space And Flow With Our Wide Plank Flooring

We have a huge range of short and long length Oak plank flooring available. Soft delicate White Washed, Grey Hues, Smoked, Old English and Chestnut colours all available supply only or fully fitted with our unrivalled attention to detail at highly competitive prices.

Your Best Option For The Widest Range Of Top Quality Engineered Wood Flooring
and solid wood flooring

A different feel can be achieved just by choosing the plank Dimensions, for a Cottage feel a narrow plank can work as well as slightly wider one but a modern living space will benefit from long wide planks with soft tones of drift wood and greys. Visit our showroom for inspiration.

Find the perfect plank floor today

If you’re looking to bring elegance and style to your home choose Coldbath Flooring. The sight of a real wood floor is like nothing else and always admired by family and friends, natural details such as knots and grain feature add a sense of reality to every room. Fitted to just the entrance to your home or fitted throughout the ground floor, a real wood floor is an investment that increases the value of your home, a fantastic investment to be enjoyed for years.

Cork: A sustainable modern solution

A versatile material available as plank flooring or tile. Its wide range of benefits include its low environmental impact, its excellent insulation of sound and its cushioning effect, making it a smart option to support any sore joints. It boasts an impressive long life and an easy to maintain texture.

Check out our range of plank flooring at our showroom and online today.

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