Man-Made Carpets

The Best Man-Made Commercial Carpet To Suit All Of Harrogate

We provide a number of synthetic carpet solutions that are extremely popular in both homes and at business properties, with man-made carpets from the most trusted brands in the industry.

Best seller: nylon carpets

One of our most popular commercial carpet choices is nylon. Its properties make it the strongest carpet of all, meaning it’s the ideal choice for business properties that experience a heavy footfall each day. It is extremely easy to maintain, and holds its colour well.


Another popular choice for businesses, olefin is easy to clean (you can use most bleaches on it without causing damage), durable and reliably colourfast.


A remarkable material, our polyester carpets will leave your office, living room and bedroom feeling soft. It is a great option for many environments, but may not be the best for locations with a heavy footfall.


A good choice for those working on a budget, as these carpets are often made from recycled plastic bottles. They are versatile, available in a range of textures, and reliably resistant to stains. These recycled carpets are also the most environmentally friendly option. We have a great range of Polyester/PET options available in our showroom.

Come down to our showroom today to check out our huge range of man-made carpets.

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